About Me

Twenty years later and many lies, failures and successes later, I have figured out a few things.

First, I now know that I don’t know a damn thing.

Second, I know that there are many people who know way more than I do or ever will.

Third, the most important things I have learned, I didn’t learn them in school. Not in the top schools.  Not in school at all.

Not the top elementry school in my hometown. Not the top high school in the country. Not the top university in the state. Not the top electrician school anywhere. And  not the top business school in the country or the world.

The Half-Lived Life

It is funny that I would phrase the beginning of this blog this way.

I am on the journey of not living an half-lived life.  The half lived life is only focused on attending the right schools. It is focused on achieving and having and doing. It is based on attending the right schools and accomplishing the right things and knowing the right people.  Heck, it’s based on knowing things.

half lived life

So I picked this title, Top Electricians School, as a joke.  Don’t just focus on the little things like attending the top electrician school in your town or city.  Focus on creating the extraordinary not just the ordinary.  Focus on being rather than doing and having and accumulating.

Everybody wants to talk about whether they are a glass half empty person or a glass half full person.  Who cares.  Don’t worry about the glass or the water.  Just be glad that you have a glass and some water.  Either one is good at the moment!

Now, I know that you’ll ask, how can I focus on the being when I have to struggle so much with the doing and having.

All I can say is it is a balance.  You aren’t likely to get very far if you focus entirely on one or the other.  You can’t just sit in the park and “be.” You’ll starve to death and you have to take care of the kids and the wife and the house and the yard and the job. And you also can’t just focus on the job and the yard and food.  You have to also appreciate the being.

So I will be writing about this dilemma. About what is real and what is not.

I’ll be listening and reading and learning and telling you about what I’m learning and what is driving me crazy.

Married with 2 beautiful kids.  A great wife and a nice life.  Too many bills, eat out too much, love to shop and striving for more success.

I also love to lay in the sun and listen to the waves and at those moments I remind myself that the degrees, the schools, the accomplishments don’t matter.  And that the bills and the promotions and the stress don’t matter either.

What matters at that moment, what matters most at any moment is that every thing is ok.  What is stressing me out is that I am dwelling on what has already happened and cannot be retrieved or changed or I am plotting what I would like to have happen in the future.  And most often, I am fretting over things that probably will never come to pass but I feel compelled to run these what- if scenarios in my head over and over again.

All of this mental juggling is exhausting.  The less I juggle and the more I stay in the moment  where things are ok, the better I feel, the more positive my outlook and the more productive I am.

So as I undertake this journey, I’ll be telling you about what I am reading and learning in the hopes that we can be free together. And that we can live a full life not the half-lived life that almost everyone else is enduring.